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Chamber Orchestra of Havana
“Leading the brand new orchestra, we find Ivan del Prado. Not only is he recognized as a talented conductor, but also as a musician who moves mountains. Del Prado has a clear perception of what it takes to get an orchestra to the highest levels of perfection (his years as Principal Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra proved this), and he knows how to give audiences authentic perspectives on an aesthetic improvement.”
Pedro de la Hoz. Granma newspaper, Cuba, 2006

Oviedo City Symphony Orchestra
“… An evening that presented the Oviedo audience with a young conductor, Ivan del Prado, who perfectly mastered the concert's idea, ensuring the right character with a stylish precision, enthusiasm and a great communicative ability. A discovery that should remain linked to the Oviedo orchestra.”
Cosme Marina. La Nueva España, 2004

Tour of the National Ballet of Cuba in the USA
“… Del Prado had led the Opera House Orchestra in a noticeably lyrical interpretation of the foot-tapping music of Leo Delibes."
Kim Klein. RedLudwig’s Washington, USA 2001

“… (The) performances featured Ivan del Prado’s remarkably thoughtful and stylish interpretation of Leo Delibe’s score, cleanly played by the Pacific Symphony. Real music is rare in 19th.Century ballet, real conducting rarer.”
Lewis Segal. Los Angeles Times, USA 2001

I think Ivan is terrifically talented and passionate about both music and dance and I think that’s a prerequisite for a great ballet conductor. (…) The dancers are, of course, not looking directly at him but are very aware of his baton, and it’s very, very important that he connects to what’s on stage. I think Ivan’s great because he does do that very well.”
Septime Webre, Artistic director of Washington Ballet, to RedLudwig’s Washington, 2001

Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville
“… A genuine sound festival was heard on the stage, an exhibition of the prodigious expressive possibilities of the orchestra when it is under the conducting of a great baton…”
Marta Carrasco. ABC, Spain, 2000

National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba
“… having left behind the beloved Toscanini, Walter and Karajan’s ghosts, without the speculation usually used to talk about the legacy of such Beethovenian conductors as Ozawa and Burgos, Del Prado´s image is that of a responsible and sensible talent…”
Pedro de la Hoz. Granma newspaper, Cuba, 1994