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Conducting Positions

Currently:  Assistant Conductor - The University of Southern Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. The USM is an orchestra of more than 80 students. Ivan Prado has been honored in pursuing his M.M in orchestra conducting and assists the prestigious conductor Dr. Jay Dean who has been leading the institution for twenty-five years.

2007-2010 Musical Director - Baja California Orchestra. The Baja California’s Orchestra is a well-known Mexican Ensemble which is part of a non- profit organization.  Its repertoire includes music from all periods with an emphasis on contemporary music. It presents concerts monthly.

2003-2007 Musical Director -Gran Teatro de La Habana Symphony Orchestra. Gran Teatro de La Habana Symphony Orchestra includes nearly 70 musicians. It accompanies The National Ballet of Cuba and The National Opera of Cuba whose regular performances take place in the Grand Theater of Havana (Gran Teatro de La Habana).

2006-2011 General Director - Chamber Orchestra of Havana. The Chamber Orchestra of Havana, which has 20 musicians, has performed nearly 70 concerts. Its repertoire ranges from Baroque to Contemporary Music.

1997-2003 Principal Conductor - National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba. The National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) of Cuba was founded in 1960. It features music form all periods in its regular weekly programming.The NSO also plays ballet and opera as part of special events such as festivals and competitions.